Features with no limits

Enjoy features that have only one limit: your imagination and your organisation.


Manage your expenses by categories. You create your own categories and you define a monthly budget that you want to respect.


Enter all you incomes.

Planned expenses

You can enter all your bills that occurs among the year. Every month, modji budget will tell you what amount to spare in order to never be surprised by any bill.


You can create several wallets that have their own currency. By this way, you can use modji budget when you travel.

Compatible in every country

We do not link modji budget with a bank application. So, there is no compatibility issue. You may think that encoding every income/expense is a boring work, but this is the best way to educate yourself to manage your money. When you will see the direct impact on yout budgets when you expense something, you will think two times before doing it!

An account to access your data from everywhere

We need you to create an account because your data will stay safely on our server. This is the only way to ensure you always be able to access your data from any device. We do no sell your data to third parties. Privacy is a big deal for us! We only require a name and an e-mail address to be able to identify users.

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